Hana Burton

Hana Burton is the founder and CEO of C4T.
Previously, she was a professor in the Educational Studies Department at the University of Glendale. Her research is grounded in the intersections of teaching and skills validation.
Her work takes place within three interrelated strands: 1) Working within the intersection of formal/informal education in support of understanding teaching and learning; 2) designing teaching learning tools and experiences that promote more analytics learning outcomes; and 3) methodologies for develop assessment strategy in blended learning.
She takes a participatory design approach to all of her work, bringing in clients community in collaborating on certification design. That probably the main reason of his first certification framework "ProLearning".

Jim Ray

Before coming to C4T, Jim Ray was at the University of Pennsylvania’s  (1999-2017), where he was the Professor of Business and Management. 

Jim's main broad research interests are sales strategy and economics and management. He has conducted empirical studies of price advertising, media markets, the operation of differentiated product markets, and issues related to digital products, including piracy, pricing, revenue sharing, and the effects of digitization on the supply of new products.

“For a certification to be effective, it must be integrated into a simple framework, quick to understand, give clear direction to its users while offering the possibility of adapting it to the business context.”

Hana Burton (founder and CEO)

Elisabeth Conrad

Elisabeth Conrad as an engagement and development specialist for learner by the assessment and certification.

Her primary responsibilities include certification strategy and training design for our clients. She manage user support for all our partners. She also provides technical assistance for the clients of our certification platform. Prior to joining the C4T staff, Elisabeth was a research specialist for 4 years at the University of Oklahoma Institute for learning assessment Research. She was also a classroom teacher for 13 years, working in Canada as e-learning specialist.

Hugues Tremblay

He is a Cognitive and Learning Sciences specialist. 
He was Associate Professor of Psychology, Cognitive and Learning Sciences PhD, Experimental Psychology, University of Quebec in Canada and professor in the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences and Psychology in Brussels.
He has a broad focus but is tied by assessment of learning outcomes. More specifically exams and certification impact on learner engagement. Currently at C4T he focus on maketing impact of certifications. How learners and buyers modify their feeling about a training program due to level and image of certification. 
He is the best consultant at C4T to avice our clients around marketing approach of certification on their training center business.