Bringing value to learners

Class work, seminars, lectures, research and fieldwork may be utilized to bring certifications. 

Assessment of learning environments and learning content with the goal of improving them is often a component of our certifications frameworks.

University diploma are not at all the best way to manage his career. Among the most valuable benefits of our certifications frameworks is the development of adaptive and contextual assessments in all areas of work.

In the professional realm, graduates of our certifications demonstrate all over the world often gain operationally skills, and provide opportunities for more job opportunities and higher salaries.

Adding value to training


We have created C4T (Certifications4Talents) in order to bring value to training provided in the professional world. We are convinced that certain key skills are not well valued because it lacks benchmarks. 

This is true in companies that find it difficult to map their skills despite Talent Mangement's IT systems. 

And this is also true in training organizations that find it difficult to present the real added value of their training programs. 

The reason for this is simple, to measure, evaluate, position, you have to define axes of measurement and evaluation criteria. 

By looking at the technology and the budgets invested in training by companies, we realize that the performance of all this is very bad. And this is due to the lack of comprehensive direction. 

If you want to maximize your training investments, you need a clear vision of the target, a direction to take, a goal to reach.

Our certification frameworks bring this clear goal while offering the possibility of adapting it to the business context. 

Use our certification frameworks

Together, we will change the way to validate skills